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hybridge implants

Simply put, the Hybridge is essentially the combination of a typical restoration and dental implants. Through technological advancements, we can now create a full arch dental bridge that is permanent.

If you have a more complex dental issue such as:

  • Missing multiple teeth
  • Single missing teeth
  • Trauma

If you have existing dentures, crowns, or bridges then Hybridge may be the solution for you!

The process of creating the Hybridge is astronomically advanced and requires specific clinical techniques. Dentists who are able to perform this type of service go through rigorous training and courses to become certified.

Whether you are in need of upper, lower, or a full arch of new teeth, the Hybridge solution is capable of it all. it includes uniquely crafted titanium implants to give you not only the smile you once had, but one that you have been dreaming of! These implants provide stimulation for optimal bone growth for future oral health.

  • No temporaries.
  • No removable appliances.
  • No attaching to neighboring teeth.
  • Does not negatively affect remaining bone structure or natural teeth.
  • Eliminates problems typically associated with other restoration options.

The Hybridge completely eliminates the need for removable treatment options such as dentures.

It is safe, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, functional, and best of all - A permanent solution!

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